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Health Services Research (HSR)

Health Services Research (HSR) has the aim to study the day to day reality of medical care. It provides information on the relevance, success and risk of therapeutic processes. HSR thus answers questions way beyond those of classical biomedical research.

Today, we know that there are various factors that account for the failure or success of a medical innovation. The cost of a new approach can be a hurdle; an optimized training of medical professionals or an improved collaboration between health care providers can be decisive.

The Center for Stroke Research Berlin has a strong focus on patient-oriented research and aims to provide as much evidence as possible prior to the application of new medical approaches.

At the CSB health service research is performed in collaboration with the

Currently, the following projects are carried out:

  • NAVICARE: The goal of NAVICARE is to reduce health care barriers and disparities for patients with age-related diseases.
  • INSPiRE-TMS: a study aiming to show that secondary prevention can reduce the chance of a second stroke in an out-patient environment
  • MAS: a project investigating the potential deficits of stroke care after the acute phase
  • Service Point Study: a register documenting the deficits in health care information experienced by stroke survivors
  • Quality register for stroke rehabilitation: This new register aims to analyze the quality of stroke rehabilitation in Berlin.