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Experimentelles Labor in Berlin Mitte

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The CSB stands for Research Spirit

The Center for Stroke Research Berlin offers enthusiastic young scientists broad possibilities for developing to the fullest. Researchers are supported through structures such as the trial team and the experimental laboratories. The CSB is very broad based, both in the diversity of established methods and in its view over time of each stroke case, from the acute phase through to rehabilitation.

  • The CSB offers many possibilities, flat hierarchies, multi-layered expertise – that is the greatest strength of the CSB for its employees.
  • An innovative research structure is growing out of the interplay of translation, an interdisciplinary approach and inter-professional functioning.
  • There is room for creative freedom in the plethora of available projects, and CSB supports continuing education.
  • Financial support is given so that up-and-coming researchers can develop their skills and knowledge in conceiving and carrying out new projects.
  • Within the trial teams they receive insight into planning, carrying out and evaluating studies.
  • The concepts of CSB researchers lead to successful applications for research support from national and international financial sponsors.

Characteristic for the CSB are:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Research Spirit