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Research Group Fiebach

CSB Neuroradiology

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Prof. Jochen B. Fiebach, MD

Head of Research Group Fiebach (CSB Neuroradiology)

CBF: Campus Benjamin Franklin

Prof. Jochen B. Fiebach, MD


This Research Group deals with the topics of acute diagnosis of stroke, lesion growth in cases of cerebral haemorrhage or infarction, plaque and black-blood imaging, disorders of the blood-brain barrier in acute stroke/dementia (fig.1), the measurement of cerebral blood flow without the use of contrast agents (fig. 2) as well as vessel size imaging (fig. 3) and the detection of neurochemical metabolite profiles through magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). As part of the BeLOVE and NAPKON post Covid study by the BIH, the Research Group performs MRI scans of the heart and brain (fig. 4) as well as spectroscopies of the liver. In collaboration with the Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology and the Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences the Research Group takes part in clinical phase II and phase III studies.


Physicians/scientific researchers

Kersten Villringer, MD

Specialist in diagnostic radiology

Portrait of Kersten Villringer, MD
Ivana Galinovic, MD PhD

Specialist in radiology

Portrait of Ivana Galinovic, MD
Ralf Mekle, PhD

MR Physics and MR Spectroscopy

Portrait of Ralf Mekle, PhD

Radiology operators, assistants and nurses

Tillmann Moritz Renner
Tillmann Moritz Renner

Leading medical technical radiology assistant / study coordinator

Birgit Hansel
Birgit Hansel

Medical technical radiology assistant /study coordinator

Carina Schücke
Carina Schücke

Medical technical radiology assistant

Claudia Lindner
Claudia Lindner

Medical technical radiology assistant / study coordinator