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NAVICARE – Patient-oriented health care research

NAVICARE creates a regional, active network for patient-oriented health care research under the project management of the Institute for Public Health (IPH).

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Project description

During the first phase of funding, the network will be set up and two research projects will be carried out within the framework of NAVICARE to develop a patient navigation model: CoreNavi and COMPASS. Barriers and disparities in the care of patients with age-associated diseases are to be reduced. During the first funding phase of NAVICARE, a patient-oriented navigation model is to be developed which will help patients find their way through the fragmented health care system.

The Center for Stroke Research Berlin and the Berlin Stroke Alliance e.V. are partners of the Institute for Public Health in the NAVICARE project in the area of stroke: The subproject CoreNavi aims to systematically increase existing resources in Berlin for the care of patients with the age-associated illnesses of stroke and lung cancer. An addition goal is to define what “optimal care” means for patients and what barriers are blocking the path to achieving it. Secondary data analysis will be carried out to identify vulnerable groups who are not receiving care which conforms to guidelines.