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PROSCIS-B – The CSB Prospective Stroke Cohort

This experiment investigates the process of stroke and the risk of sequelae.

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Project description


  • Risk of stroke recurrence after stroke is substantial
  • Patterns of risk transition between subtypes of vascular diseases remain unclear
  • Long-term data on stroke sequelae (e.g. depression, cognitive decline) are scarce

Aims and Objectives

  • Determine long-term patterns of vascular disease risk up to 3 years after index event
  • Identify natural course of stroke associates outcomes and comorbidities
  • Provide external validation of estimates from independent datasets


  • Established cohort methodology, including initial and follow up assessments
  • Recruitment of patients with first ever stroke to the cohort
  • Annual follow up of patients up to 3 years after stroke
  • Mapping of vascular disease risk, comorbidities and outcomes
  • External validation of derived estimates  


  • Started: February 2010


  • Prof. Matthias Endres, MD
  • Thomas Liman, MD


  • Prof. Matthias Endres, MD
  • Thomas Liman, MD